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Warehousing, Transport & Supply Chain


Right place, right time

Getting the right products to the right customers in as little time as possible, that’s the shared passion and responsibility of our incredibly strong supply chain. As a member of this experienced team of order pickers, planners, dispatchers, forklift operators and lorry drivers, you will make sure that everything runs smoothly. Together with your team, you will ensure that each bread, Danish pastry and cake is delivered correctly.


Spotlight on our supply chain

Inventory management is an indispensable part of a company like ours, where fresh products are the norm. We want to have enough inventory to keep the wheels in motion, but at the same time, not an excessive amount. This balance requires intensive communication between purchasing, production, warehouse management and sales.

This communication allows us to coordinate our processes and adjust them to meet the exact demand. Our ‘fresh’ division takes on the daily challenge of just-in-time planning and complex logistics for more than 2,300 delivery points in Belgium. The ‘frozen’ department is building cutting-edge, robotised warehouses, each housing over 25,000 pallets, in Belgium and Eastern Europe. Sophisticated inventory and production planning, supported with a clear understanding of European logistics, is the backbone of an optimal international customer service.

Behind the scenes Warehousing, Transport & Supply Chain

3 reasons

to work with us

We grow every day

Continuously striving for product excellence is in our DNA. It’s a highly effective approach, resulting in being the market leader in Belgium and one of the top five in Europe. Though we aim for international expansion, we remain loyal to our family values. Thanks to the daily effort of our employees, each year we realize healthy growth figures.

Quality products

Developing flavours. In order to respond to this, we are actively engaged in product development, implement new technologies and use high-quality ingredients. In this way, we can keep trusted family recipes up to date and make them appeal to new generations. Our strategy of product leadership in bread and pastry is not only translated into the end result but it is also baked into every step of our production processes, in which quality is always our number one priority.

Passionate teams

3,500 employees who are passionate about our products and committed to our values; that speaks volumes. La Lorraine Bakery Group offers challenging jobs, in a range of expertises, and that bring out the best in everyone. Our organisation is growing internationally thanks to the shared passion of our employees to constantly strive to produce high-quality products and offer a high-quality service to our customers.