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This is the hard work and shared passion of about 2000 employees in Belgium in our plants in Ninove, Erpe-Mere, Barchon, Alken, Merksem, Schoten, Fernelmont, Morlanwelz and Oostende. The head office of La Lorraine Bakery Group is situated in Belgium (Ninove). From here Finance, HR, Legal, and IT support the 4 business units in their mission on group level.

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Job title Job domain Location
Adjoint Quality Manager Quality & Technology Barchon (Belgium)
AP/AR Accountant Finance & Legal Ninove (Belgium)
Automation Specialist Technical Service & Engineering Erpe-Mere (Belgium)
Chauffeur C Warehousing, Transport & Supply Chain Oostende (Belgium)
Customer Service Medewerker Sales & Customer Service Ninove (Belgium)
HSE Manager Production & Plant Operations Ninove (Belgium)
International Category Manager NPD, Marketing & Communication Erpe-Mere (Belgium)
Lijnverantwoordelijke Bakkerij Production & Plant Operations Schoten (Belgium)
Marketing Manager Panos en Deliway NPD, Marketing & Communication Erpe-Mere (Belgium)
Mechanieker - dagploeg Technical Service & Engineering Merksem (Belgium)
Operator Production & Plant Operations Ninove (Belgium)
Orderpicker Production & Plant Operations Ninove (Belgium)
Payroll Specialist Support Services Ninove (Belgium)
Process Manager Bakery Production & Plant Operations Barchon (Belgium)
Product Manager NPD, Marketing & Communication Erpe-Mere (Belgium)
Productietechnoloog (focus op proces) Quality & Technology Erpe-Mere (Belgium)
Production Execution Specialist Production & Plant Operations Erpe-Mere (Belgium)
Production Supervisor Production & Plant Operations Oostende (Belgium)
Storingstechnieker - 2 ploegen Technical Service & Engineering Ninove (Belgium)
Storingstechnieker 2-ploegen Technical Service & Engineering Alken (Belgium)
Supervisor Packing Department Production & Plant Operations Erpe-Mere (Belgium)
Supervisor Productie (2 ploegen) Production & Plant Operations Erpe-Mere (Belgium)
Supply Chain Manager Warehousing, Transport & Supply Chain Erpe-Mere (Belgium)
Supply Chain Specialist Warehousing, Transport & Supply Chain Erpe-Mere (Belgium)
Technical Manager Erpe-Mere Technical Service & Engineering Erpe-Mere (Belgium)
Výrobní dělník/ dělnice Production & Plant Operations Kladno (Czech Republic)